Why a guide?
Anywhere you go, with a guide at your side you will always get the correct information and answers to all your questions. You will discover the region’s history, geography, architecture, but also its culture. Uncovering the stories and details of the places you visit make them come alive and cement them in your memory.
With the local guide you’ll visit areas that often only locals know about, lesser known places and you will support the local community, helping to preserve the sights for future visitors. You will discover unique details and stories about a destination, take in the views from another angle and get to know the local people’s way of life.
With a guide at your side you will learn about local food culture; taking a tour with a local guide means you learn about the importance of ingredients and dishes to the local people. You go to local caf├ęs and restaurants and avoid mass produced tourist traps. None of this can be found in a guidebook.